I’m Naomi.

It’s always so hard to write these. To start, I’ll leave you with five facts about me:

1/ Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I grew up hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and skiing Mt. Hood.

2/ The intersection of human health, behavior, policy, and economics fascinates me. I ended up minoring in Human Biology, along with my Mechanical Engineering major. I loved taking d.School courses too, like ME 203: Design and Manufacturing. My final project, a family-inspired tea steeper, is on the left.

3/ I’ve never eaten meat in my life.

4/ Fist-bumping President Obama is probably one of my proudest moments. The fist-bump happened right after one of my most embarrassing moments. You win some, you lose some.

5/ I speak Spanish and Gujarati (my mother tongue) kind of fluently. I’m learning German: Ich bin noch nicht gut!